Using Ubuntu v8.10(Intrepid Ibex).

Whenever Ubuntu starts up, the startup sfx keeps repeating itself for some odd reason. Then, when I log in, I can't hear any sound at all.

I tried opening an mp3 file with mplayer and I got an error message along the lines of:

"Fatal Error
Mplayer interrupted by signal 13 in module: play_audio"

followed by the standard mplayer crash message.

Try it with the Totem Player and I get a blank dialog box with the Totem Icon on the top-left. Everything freezes and that blank dialog box stays on-screen.

Checked out the Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide as well. The "aplay - l" command doesn't show any output.

Used "lspci - v" but didn't find my device listed anywhere

I'm at a complete loss at what to do
It would be awesome if somebody could help me out

Thanks in advance