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Thread: Partition gone

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    Re: Partition gone

    Quote Originally Posted by psyke83 View Post
    No, testdisk is exactly what the OP should try using. My partition layout was accidentally overwritten and testdisk managed to reconstruct the NTFS partition. It's definitely worth a try.
    I think though, from reading all of the op's posts, that the partition is "in tact" and simply can't be mounted because it wasn't "unmounted" properly.

    Always hard to tell unless the box is right in front of you. But, hell yeah, testdisc and/or photorec are great!

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    Re: Partition gone

    testdisk worked; thanks guys. I couldn't get it to mount but the program itself managed to load my stuff which I copied and backed up.

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    Re: Partition gone

    That is the important thing. Save the data first. Try to recover the bugger second. You may get it yet and now you can try off the wall experimental techniques (fancy way of saying "well what happens if I push this button while my finger is in the socket" kind of thing).
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