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Thread: Temperature control in NX6115

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    Question Temperature control in NX6115

    Hi folks.
    I have an issue concerning temperature control in a HP NX6115 laptop.
    It is a Turion 64 ML-32.
    The fan is controlled using a sensor that is not the core temperature sensor. The core sensor communicates with the OS using driver max1617-i2c-0-4c, wich was detected using lm-sensors.
    If I run sensors I got:
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1:       +37.0C  (crit = +94.8C)                  
    temp2:       +42.0C  (crit = +100.0C)                  
    temp3:       +30.7C  (crit = +100.0C)                  
    temp4:       +50.0C  (crit = +110.0C)                  
    Adapter: PCI adapter
    Core0 Temp:  +31.0C                                    
    Adapter: SMBus PIIX4 adapter at 8200
    Board Temp:  +42.0C  (low  = -128.0C, high = +90.0C)  
    CPU Temp:    +49.0C  (low  = -128.0C, high = +70.0C)
    Running cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/trip_points
    critical (S5):           95 C
    passive:                 88 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=100 devices=C000 
    active[0]:               80 C: devices=C256 
    active[1]:               75 C: devices=C257 
    active[2]:               65 C: devices=C258 
    active[3]:               58 C: devices=C259 
    critical (S5):           100 C
    passive:                 90 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=300 devices=C000 
    critical (S5):           100 C
    passive:                 60 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=300 devices=C000 
    critical (S5):           110 C
    passive:                 110 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=300 devices=C000
    Running acpi -tc
         Battery 0: Full, 99%
         Thermal 0: ok, 50.0 degrees C
         Thermal 1: ok, 30.1 degrees C
         Thermal 2: ok, 41.0 degrees C
         Thermal 3: ok, 36.0 degrees C
         Cooling 0: Processor 0 of 10
         Cooling 1: Fan 0 of 1
         Cooling 2: Fan 0 of 1
         Cooling 3: Fan 0 of 1
         Cooling 4: Fan 0 of 1
    There is only 1 cooler in the system and it is controlled using 4 steps (Cooling 1-4).
    For temp1 > 58C, cooling 1 turns on. For temp1 > 65, cooling 2 turns on and so them go. But when temp1 ~ 65C, CPU Temp ~ 77C and I got only the second fan stage turned on.
    I would like to know if is there a way to set acpi to use the right sensor to control fan speed, so my system runs cooler. I don't care about noise or power consumption (this is the next step).
    I'm new to Linux and maybe this question is stupid, but I could not find anything like this in the forum.
    Thanks in advance.

    It looks like temp1 is always 12C below CPU Temp. Is there a way to change that?
    When CPU Temp goes above 80C, the system freezes.
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