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Thread: MemoryStick PRO Duo not working...

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    MemoryStick PRO Duo not working...

    Hi everyone!

    (First of all, sorry but my english is very poor...)

    I'm trying to mount a Memory Stick PRO Duo (via Memory Stick Duo adaptor). I'm using Ubuntu Karmic Koala in a Toshiba Satellite a200 1gb with a built-in card reader. I think that I was able to do that before but I can't remember how nor even if I really did it...

    So the problem is that when I put my card in the card reader nothing happens... I tried to insert a SD card and it works (ubuntu pops up a new window and all that stuff), but when I remove it and insert my MemoryStick I get nothing...

    dmesg says:
    $ dmesg | grep memstick
    [ 6481.076351] memstick0: switching to 4-bit parallel mode
    [ 6481.076549] memstick0: interface error, trying to fall back to serial
    [ 6481.092490] mspro_block: probe of memstick0 failed with error -62
    What does it means? How can I fix that error 62? (and what kind of error is that, by the way...)
    When I remove the card, I'm not able to use my card reader again... (but doing "$ toshset" I can fix it)

    Thanks guys!!

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    Re: MemoryStick PRO Duo not working...

    Hey, I got the same issue on my Ubunt 9.10 running on HP Pavillion dv2000.
    Does anybody know what is the problem? Please help us.

    Thanks a lot,
    Bianca Brasil

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    Re: MemoryStick PRO Duo not working...

    3 years ago...
    anyway a similar thread was here

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