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Thread: Gateway Laptop Brightness

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    Gateway Laptop Brightness

    Hi all,

    I've recently updated to Ubuntu 9.10 from 8.10 (via 9.04), and I've noticed one thing. I used to have the brightness working by invoking the "xrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT_CONTROL native" at startup, however, this command does not seem to work anymore, and thus, I have no more control over the brightness of my computer. Is there a fix for this?

    The output error message that I get is:
    X Error of failed request: BadRROutput (invalid Output parameter)
    Major opcode of failed request: 149 (RANDR)
    Minor opcode of failed request: 15 (RRGetOutputProperty)
    Serial number of failed request: 26
    Current serial number in output stream: 26


    EDIT: Thought it might be useful to know, that this problem doesn't appear on older kernels that I have listed in my GRUB (2.6.28-16 and 2.6.27-15), but only on 2.6.31-14.
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    Re: Gateway Laptop Brightness

    Hi. I don't have a fix yet, but I get the exact same problem on a Gateway M6829b laptop. This is a regression since Jaunty. I will file a bug report when I get the time, but in the meantime any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.


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