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Thread: Invalid Environment Block solution

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    Re: Invalid Environment Block solution

    Quote Originally Posted by Madhatter14641 View Post
    A while back my grub install started throwing up an invalid environment block error. It took me a while to find the fix, so I figured that someone else might want it.

    To boot into linux in the first place, push e in the grub menu, delete the save_env recordfail line, and press ctrl+x to boot.

    Next, run these commands:

    cd /boot/grub
    rm grubenv
    grub-editenv grubenv create
    grub-editenv grubenv set default=0
    grub-editenv grubenv list

    This should give you a bootable system. Found the solution here: Hope this helps someone!
    I linked to this post on the Grub2 Introduction.

    I had this problem a while back and my fix was not anywhere near as elegant as this. Good job and thanks.
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    Re: Invalid Environment Block solution

    Thanks for posting this. I had to forcefully shutdown the laptop today (power button), and this popped up.

    Could you or someone else explain how this fix works?

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