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Thread: Dell Inspiron laptop - HD or Fan problem?

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    Dell Inspiron laptop - HD or Fan problem?

    I installed Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop.

    All of a sudden it rattles, squeels in a high pitch (for a few seconds), and then rattles (all the time) and then squeels a few seconds (cycle continues).

    System won't boot or even enter boot menu if I choose that. I am now trying to boot from live cd - if it will do that then I know it's the HD that's fried.

    I'm now testing the HD with the live cd boot disk. The computer is reporting that the hard drive is good.

    I suspect the HD is fried but perhaps it's the fan (but I don't think so because the fan will run continuously and sound fine when the other noise stops on occassion.

    At one point I went to boot menu and the HD was being reported as 0 gigs

    Also, the sounds it makes are rattling, whining, and a "boop boop" from time to time. At one point I seen some message that the ati or atp is not connected.

    p.s. Do you think it is the hd or fan
    p.s.s. mp bios bug is reported and something about a timer but message goes away so quick i can't read it all(when I'm now attempting to install Ubuntu from scratch on it).

    One last thing, I just put a new battery in it yesterday and the battery is only fully charged today. I read something somewhere that some Dell model changes the bios state with a fully charged battery - could the new battery actually be causing this?
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