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Thread: Disappointed by Ubuntu's dual screen handling plus problems with resolution

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    Disappointed by Ubuntu's dual screen handling plus problems with resolution


    I bought a 26" TFT monitor and want to use it as a second screen for my laptop. So far I was not able to use it as I had it in mind.

    First it only works if I connect it before I boot Ubuntu. Then I am not able to set the right resolution in the gnome display app. The maximal resultion I can set there is 1440x900 which is the resolution of the laptop screen although the correct resolution of the new TFT is 1.920x1.200.

    But additionally the default handling of two screens is very confusing. I can drag windows from one screen to the other. That is nice. But when I maximise them they get maximised in BOTH screens as one big window. This behaviour is especially stupid when I want to watch a video file, because the half of the video is shown on each screen.

    Ah and by the way the with a hdmi cable only cloning the desktop works so I bound to the vga calbe to be able to run different apps on the monitors.

    Needles to say in the pre installed windows vista all worked well and as intended. The right resolution was not set by default but I could easily set it in the windows display app. Also when I maximise or full screen an app it only get maximised / full screened in on the monitor the app window currently is. And HDMI also just worked.

    I attached a full list of my laptop hardware (the output of lshw). I have Ubuntu 9.04 and the proprietary ati drivers installed

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!
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