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Thread: whats going on with karmic development?

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    whats going on with karmic development?

    I know it is a beta and problems can happen but... so many, almost on every update a new issue, ...

    Last one. Last update was going to update all openoffice and it broke it. It was solved with a forced update from terminal to solve dependencies but the upgrade broke it before, why? It is normal I receive a broken upgrade.

    A similar thing happened on a dist-upgrade which was supposed to upgrade mysql from 5.0 to 5.1. 5.0 mysql core and server were dropped but mysql 5.1 ones where no installed on that dist-upgrade. To be even more strange 5.0 client was not dropped. So I finished with a system with no server and only client and not upgraded to 5.1. To solve it I had to drop 5.0 client and install 5.1 client, core, server myself.

    Update manager crash just almost from a month now, I have to do updates from CLI.

    When first suhosin-php was introduced a lot of apache requests were not served.

    Some months ago a problem appeared, on boot the system always reported that some files on system partition had a time in future (I did nothing so that could happened just appeared). That finally was solved with a check on that file system but I don't know if that was correct because the files should not be wrong, what was wrong should be some package not working as it should.

    Aptdaemon is buggy and crash just on X ini.


    And a lot more issues that I cant remember.

    And the system itself is not going very smooth. Instead of going better as always happened for me it is going worst and worst. I use ubuntu on this computer because it was really a lot faster than windows but now it is starting to work more as a windows platform than a linux one. Many times the system gets frozen for some seconds because it can't do all its tasks (and those tasks are only the Operating System itself and a web browser, ????)

    Flash player gets 100% CPU (well I suppose this is not an ubuntu problem just adobe). But I think it was going much better before (maybe before 10.0 version appeared I don't know exactly).

    I repeat I know I'm testing a beta but there are thinks I can't understand. I'm testing ubuntu betas since 5.04 as I can remember and never never had so many issues that on this Ubuntu OS release.

    Is it just me that maybe has something broken or someone else is experimenting the same?
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