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Thread: Follett Software compatibility and WINE/Ubuntu

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    Follett Software compatibility and WINE/Ubuntu

    Well hello everyone,

    I've been using Ubuntu for a while now, and I love the OS. My mother is a district librarian and needs two new computers. The only thing is that they have to either purchase with a purchase order or a check and the only places that she can order the computers from pretty much offer crap boxes for too much money.

    I've offered to build her two computers one for the circulation desk and another for the back desk, and the part costs come to 345$, which is far cheaper than the machines she was looking at. However Windows XP Pro licenses cost around 140$ online.

    I was thinking that Linux may be the solution to the problem but I found out that she uses custom automated software from Follett to manage the library collection. Does anyone have any experience running this software in WINE on Ubuntu, and/or can comment on if it can be done and how stable it is?



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    Re: Follett Software compatibility and WINE/Ubuntu

    Do you know which software product she is using (i.e. Circ/Cat or Destiny)? Also, if it is Destiny, are these machines going to be client machines or will one of them be hosting the Destiny server?


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    Re: Follett Software compatibility and WINE/Ubuntu

    A quick look at their site tells me the "Destiny" client is a browser, and linux / firefox is supported. But find out exactly which program they use.

    For the server I would never risk running it on wine (nor on a $300 PC for that matter).


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