I was just reading an article on the Fridge that said a couple of Prentice Hall Ubuntu books are available to each LoCo team. I don't know whether it even makes sense to have a physical book sent anywhere in Arkansas (unless maybe it gets stored at a public library somewhere) but it made me wonder what needs to happen to get some more LoCo activity going.

There are a couple of folks listed as Arkansas LoCo Team administrators on Launchpad but only one listed as a contact on the LoCo Team List wiki. The person listed on the wiki is the one eligible to receive a book on behalf of the team, if one were requested.

At this moment neither has been very active on the forums or launchpad. Are they on IRC? (I'm not, generally.) If the team needs some new administrators (because you are unable to serve in that way), please let us know by posting here. If you don't want your status publicized, contact me via private message on this forum.

I will volunteer to help by being an administrator. I won't necessarily be able to respond immediately to requests. But I'm here, and I can devote a small amount of time. I would also like to see an active co-administrator, too, because I obviously can't guarantee I will be reachable in perpetuity.

If folks want to request a book on behalf of the group, let's try to do it. Maybe we could have it "stored" in some public place... I'm in Conway so two ideas are near me -- the Faulkner County Library, or Somethin' Brewing Cafe (if we can't leave it on a shelf, in the BookCrossing box, maybe). If a book is readily available somewhere and includes contact info for the Arkansas Team LoCo attached to the cover it could be a marketing tool for the group.

P.S.: I know Tony and others have put a lot of effort into keeping CARLUG and other groups going. I certainly don't want to undermine that, and in fact maybe the LoCo team is mostly CARLUG / ARLUG regulars. However, I suspect many folks joining the Arkansas LoCo are not aware of the other local groups.