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Thread: upload from a non-ubuntu machine?

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    Re: upload from a non-ubuntu machine?

    I see where I went wrong, I didn't set up sharing.

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    Re: upload from a non-ubuntu machine?

    It seems to me, though I haven't tried it, that you should be able to do that through the web interface.

    I have a dualboot set up with ubuntu and XP and I have access to the Ubuntu One folder when I am in XP. In theory, I think I should be able to drop files into that folder when in XP and have them sync when I boot into ubuntu. Haven't tried it yet, but I will and then come back and let you know how it goes.

    Edit: Ok, I logged into XP and tried it out. I first copied two small files into my ubuntu one folder through XP, then I logged into the web interface using Firefox on XP and was able to upload another file through that. I then tried it with Internet Explorer 7 on XP. Although I was able to log in to the web interface using IE7, I wasn't able to upload or download any files, and the page didn't appear to load completely. I could see a list of what files I had though. After doing that, I rebooted back into ubuntu and the client instantly uploaded the files that I had placed into the ubuntu one folder using XP, although it hasn't yet downloaded the ones I put in using the web interface, they show up in the web interface so I expect it will sync them soon enough.

    So, in answer to the original poster's question: Yes, you can upload to ubuntu one from Windows using the web interface and firefox.
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