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Thread: HOW TO: Bypass non executable program

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    Talking HOW TO: Bypass non executable program

    Im a newb to linux and this one really threw me for a loop. There are a few other threads responding to this but they are not done in 2 day linux language.

    When you are attempting to install software from an outside source whether it be a cd, usb or ext drive you will get the not an executable file error. The remedy to this is quite simple.

    When using a cd you will have a additional step that does not exist with usb, or ext HDD

    Step 1:
    Copy the data from the cd to a folder on your deskop.

    Step 2:
    Right click the .exe file within the folder and click properties then click permissions

    Under permissions you will see a check box that says allow executing file as a program. Check that box and close the window.

    Step 3:
    Use the ubuntu software center to get wine which is a windows interface.

    Install your software as you normally would by double clicking it and follow the normal installation procedures

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: HOW TO: Bypass non executable program

    hey,thanks to the info. i'm a newbiehere, and i hav some problem with my ubuntu. i can't change some settings under permissions tab in properties menu. it happens in some programs which is not marked as executable. would you please tell mehow to change it?


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