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Thread: Ubuntu 9.04 Problem

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    Ubuntu 9.04 Problem

    hi i have a motherbaird RAID 0 of two 250gb sata drives and i have installed the RAID nvidia tool so the installer can see them and setup my partitions like below(see image)

    the windows is windows 7, i tried this around 5 minutes ago and when i then booted up it said "No Operating Systems".

    i have installed ubuntu 7.04,7.10 before doing dual boot but never done it with a RAID is there something im missing ?

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    Laptop - 2x1.66Ghz 2.5GB 160GB GMA950 Ubuntu 9.04
    PC - 4x3.6Ghz 2Gb 2TB XFX 8800GT 1024mb Windows 7RC1


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