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Thread: Ubuntu on old netbook (Readboy X5)

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    Question Ubuntu on old netbook (Readboy X5)


    One of my neighbours asked me to install an OS on his old netbook.
    His requirements are:
    - a wireless usb so he can connect to the internet (plus browser)
    - a music player
    He plans to give it to his child, to play around with.

    I was wondering if i could install a linux distro on this notebook. Which disto is best suited for old mini notebooks? I like ubuntu but haven't tried it on such a small screen before and the ubuntu netbook remix looks to have too high minimum specs.

    How you guys can help me:
    - How do i install a linux distro with a usb stick?
    - Which disto do you recommend for this netbook.

    Information of readboy
    - Processor: SAMSUNG, ARM-ARM920
    - Memory: 29529kb RAM
    - Current OS: Windows CE version 5.0
    - Description: Mini Notebook Computer
    - Model: X5
    - Adapter: 10V - 2500mA
    - Battery: 7.4 Lithium battery
    - Capacity: 1500mAh
    - Execution standard: GB/T18287-2000

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    Re: Ubuntu on old netbook (Readboy X5)

    Does it have a hard disk? With 29 Mb of memory, you will have to look for really low requirement systems. Basic Linux might be something to try. There is also DSL (Damn Small Linux). I have used this last one, and it is pretty good.

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    Re: Ubuntu on old netbook (Readboy X5)

    i can see two windows partitions,
    a c: with 400MB and a d: with 500 MB so i'm guessing it has a 1GB hard drive.

    I'll give DSL a try.


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