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Thread: Absolute nubby question!!

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    Absolute nubby question!!

    Absolute nubby question!!
    I got an old computer from my work with nothing on it. I tired to install ubuntu - both release 9 and 8 and always i get the same problem - "system encounters problems while copying files to hard drive" - any idea why? what can i do about it? The systme seems to work as long as the cd is in, but then it does not restart.
    I'll be xtra grateful for help

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    Re: Absolute nubby question!!

    The live CD will work as long as the RAM is not corrupted int the cpu. Sounds like the HD is pooched, prolly why they let u have it lol.

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    Re: Absolute nubby question!!

    Well the CD runs only on the CD. Maybe the hard drive doesn't have enought space or has a problem or maybe it's the motherboard or the RAM or the processor. It can be a million things Last time I got this sort of problem, it was the processor.

    Best thing to do is to check the space you have on the HD and try to install some other OS to test (Windows or an older version of Ubuntu or even Xubuntu which takes up less space).

    Good luck!

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