Hello there.

I'm not using Linux on my old Aspire One because I could never find a good distro that works well. It was okay while the hardware was very new, however, nowadays this hardware is pretty well known and very popular, and i want to run Ubuntu on it.

I've tried the netbook remix, but i'm not comfortable using it and the mic and webcam didn't work out of the box.

Ubuntu 10.04 desktop seems to be more friendly and i'm much more used to it.

Almost everything works out of the box, only the wireless, touchpad and the scanner aren't working. I'm 100% sure it isn't a hardware problem.

I've tried to set the permissions of the scanner (hp psc 1210) bus to 777, but it doesn't work. Either the "simple scan" and "sane" programs aren't working, sane returns an I/O error and 'simple scan' crashes.

The touchpad just doesn't work at all, not even the r/l buttons are working, however, by typing Fn+F7, the icon of the touchpad appears on screen, so i am able to virtually enable/disable it.

The wireless behaviour is just weird. The "on" light doesn't turns on, and sometimes the activity light blinks and the system finds some networks, but i am unable to turn it on/off.

Everything else is working well, the battery life still shorter than the "other" OS though, and totem isn't able to reproduce a video if two screens are in extended desktop mode, it's necessary to deactivate one screen to watch a video.

Can someone aid me... i really want to get rid of the other OSs.

Thanks in advance. Sorry my english.