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Thread: Wrong laptop monitor resolution

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    Wrong laptop monitor resolution

    Hi people,

    I was having problems with the fglrx drivers for my Radeon 200m integrated chip yesterday but I managed to find a fix in the form of radeon-rewrite.

    Currently, I have a set up where I have my laptop monitor and a VGA cable connected to a second LCD monitor. The drivers seem to be working well, on my second monitor I am getting a full 1280 x 1024 resolution, the simple compiz animations are working smoothly and it correctly guessing that it is a 19" 4:3 dell monitor.

    The problem is with my laptop screen, it is detecting it as a 15" 4:3 @ 1024 x 768 monitor when actually it is a 17" 16:9 @ 1440x900. Is there a way to force the correct resolution?

    Please note, that while I have some rough idea of what I'm doing in the shell, I am still very much a beginner when it comes to xorg and driver configuration (and the shell when you compare me to the others in these forums). Much more comfortable in the GUI.

    Thanks, Rich

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    Re: Wrong laptop monitor resolution

    I too need help with this.
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