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1, I am using 1.98 in Lucid and still can't get gfxpayload to set the system resolution. I've tried setting a specific resolution and I've tried gfxpayload=keep but have been unsuccessful. I haven't pursued this to any great extent since I have a couple of other minor graphics issues that may or may not influence this topic.
Yea! I finally was able to get a 1280x800 grub menu **and** a 1280x800 VT!

I was helped here:

edit /etc/modules by adding these lines:

uvesafb vbemode=353

#sudo update-initramfs -u

add the lines to 00_header and grub and update-grub. If you want to see what resolutions your card can handle, get a grub prompt and type vbeinfo and use the decimal version of the value you want in the vbemode= line above.