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Thread: Envy NG broke Suspend and VLC

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    Envy NG broke Suspend and VLC

    I recently installed the ATI CCC using Envy NG so that I could use 2 monitors on my laptop.

    Everything worked fine and I had no problems with it until I switched back to one monitor by changing the ATI CCC setting and desktop resolution. Now when I suspend my computer it will wake up and give me a black screen, it seems like everything is working, but all I can see is the pointer, which will move around (ie not frozen).

    Also, I have noticed that VLC media player will no longer work, it opens briefly and then closes.

    I think the problems are related as I have not changed anything else recently with the setup of my computer. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Envy NG broke Suspend and VLC

    Okay, I have done some more experimenting and found out that the problem occurs when I change the screen resolution back to 1280x800 from the dual monitor resolution. It doesn't seem to matter if I change the ATI settings or not.

    Also, VLC is not broken, it is working fine after a settings reset.


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