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that http://sunoano.name/ws/public_xhtml/...from_USB_stick is isntalling Debian from USB stick but then, if you want to run your Ubuntu from the stick (i.e. not install a Desktop system with it) the process of getting the data onto the stick is the same as this link shows
Hello Herman,
got a question almost relating to your posts here.
My laptop is:
eeepc701sd/xp 8.0 gig ssd 512 ram.
seagate 1000 gig usb 2.0 external hdd.

I am unable to write read from the ssd with any partition tools.
Windows xp installer sees the drive but unable access it.
I can run livecd usb on it when i try to install onto the ssd i get responses of unable write/read. is there a way of installing to the seagate drive? as the attempt i did gives an error on loading of:
grub 1.5 ... loading

grub error 2

help if you can please...
thanks in advance if you can