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Thread: Using an attached monitor?

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    Using an attached monitor?

    Hi I'm new to Ubuntu and managed to install it yesterday with no problems at all. I see no reason to go back to Windows apart from the fact that I can't quite figure out how to attach a second monitor. With Windows I used to connect my LCD TV directly to my laptop which would immediately extend the desktop meaning I could watch films through the larger screen. However, with Ubuntu I can't figure out how to do this. I really don't mind whether it's an extended desktop, or just a mirror of what's on the laptop, I just want to be able to show the image on the external TV screen.

    I'm using a Fujitsu Amilo Pro V3515 if anyone would be able to offer any help whatsoever.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Using an attached monitor?

    Hi, first of all have you switched the displays on your laptop? There is usually a key combination for this (Fn+F7 on my thinkpad). I seem to recall on a previous version I had running on an Amilo, the key combination only worked at boot up time... That may have been fixed now though. Also try rebooting with the second screen connected.

    Assuming you have the restricted drivers for your graphics card installed, there should be something like ATI catalyst center, or NVIDIA control center in the Administration menu. That will give you access to the necessary options.

    Post back here if you still have trouble.

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    Re: Using an attached monitor?

    Have you installed youyr video card drivers yet?

    sys/admin/hardware driver

    if yes, try the ATI catalyst center or NVIDIA X Server Settings under sys/admin/


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