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    Cool Restore points

    Is it possible to restore ubuntu to a previous restore point, like in Windows..
    I am having upgrade issues. My daughter didn't do the updates on a regullar basis, which caused me to upgrade 155 updates. In the process of the upgrade the computer when into sleep mode, i think, which caused it to stop in the middle. I did
    "configure -a" , now ther are unmet discrepencies in sun java6-jre & sun java6-bin.
    I have also noticed that of the 6.8 gb of memory, 6.3 gb is used. I do not know how to clean that up.. To my inexperienced eye there is not alot on the computer.. for starters ther are only 2 icons on the desktop.
    Please help this rookie, or direct me in the right direction..

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    Re: Restore points

    Sorry. but Ubuntu doesn't have the generic System Restore that comes with MS Windows (even that doesn't work as advertised -- but that's a different issue).

    There is no simple way to rollback to the previous version.

    The most straightforward way is to save off your data files to an external drive and reinstall the OS from scratch.
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