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Thread: Getting album art on LG Arena

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    Getting album art on LG Arena

    I've just got this new LG Arena phone and was dismayed to find there is no way to add album art to my music (which is strange since one of it's features is a "cover flow" style home screen).

    After some reading up it appears the only way to get the artwork is to embed it into the mp3 files themselves.

    I have no experience of this but have tried Easytag and also tried an "emded art" Amarok script.

    After copying the files back to the phone, still no artwork.

    This is becoming a pain and I might end up changing the phone for this reason alone.

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    Re: Getting album art on LG Arena

    Not only that but after finally resorting to using an app on Windows, I managed to embed album art but it was hit and miss which ones actually showed in the Arena.

    And to make things worse, all this messing around with tagging has completely screwed up my collection (songs playing with wrong title etc).


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