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Thread: Howto: Fix Windows share browsing issues

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    Re: Howto: Fix Windows share browsing issues

    First off, thanks dmizer for refering me to this post from

    Anyways, I followed this through, and before doing so, I'd go to places> network> Windows Network and I couldn't open it, it would say "Failed to retrieve share list from server"

    After following this guide, I got a little bit further. Once I went to Places> Network I could see my computer name which was the netbios name. I could also open up Windows Network only to find my computer listed in it. When I try to browse to the computer by using smb:// it gives me the same error, "Failed to retrieve share list from server"

    Before I try adding the IP address for the Machines in /etc/hosts I need to know if having static IPs for all 3 machines will make a difference in putting wins before dns in that particular file?

    I read this guide and the one here but I didn't go any further than that step because I don't know what to do with static IPs if its any different. From what I understand it should be easier to find the PCs on the network if the IP is static right?

    The other two computers can see each other and access their files. One has XP the other has windows 7.


    whatever happened to the simplicity of 9.04 and below? Just right click > share, install the needed files and presto. *sigh*

    I've added the firewall rules in ufw for my IP range to allow the ports. Anything else I should check on? The firewalls in the Windows PCs are already allowing network sharing through.
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