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Thread: CUPS not behaving, help!!

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    Red face CUPS not behaving, help!!

    I recently swithched color cartridge for black cartridge in my printer hp deskjet 3930v. For it was very low and black cartridge is cheaper. Printing result is a blank page. When I do a print test in HPLIP the page prints. In CUPS the print test result is a blank page. I change the printout mode to black cartridge and get page done. Click out and click back in and see the the setting is back to color cartridge.

    I unpluged the printer and tried uninstalling printer in CUPS and it didn't do it.

    Follow the instruction in ubuntupocketguide-v1-1.pdf to get printer to work. print a test page in Ubuntu 8.10, open the Printer Configuration
    window (System > Administration > Printing), then double-click the printer’s icon and click the PRINT TEST PAGE button. Blank page printed. Then click on the print options and change the print out mode to black cartridge. Result was printed page. I guess I was wrong about CUPS malfunctioning.

    Tried adding printer as another printer for CUPS has it listed as hp deskjet 3900.

    The simple thing to do would be to buy a color cartridge but I have already bought 2 black cartridges. Also I am unemployed at present thus really can't afford to buy another cartridge.

    In terminal did a check. These pasted concern me.
    sudo hp-check -r
    HPOJ running?

    No, HPOJ is not running (OK).

    Checking for CUPS...

    Status: scheduler is running

    error: Version: (Not available. CUPS may not be installed or not running.)








    printer_name = Deskjet-3900

    device_uri = hp:/usb/Deskjet_3900?serial=CN5CM1M2WY04DF

    Device URI: hp:/usb/Deskjet_3900?serial=CN5CM1M2WY04DF

    error: 1 error or warning.
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