I have recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 after testing it from the live CD and it worked like a charm on my desktop. My Samsung CLP 300 printed for the first time ever on Linux and the usb scanner worked with no modifications. However, today it has stopped working. I used "Update manager" to update. I now installed my modified /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf from my previous install and the scanner now work, but not in lineart mode. What happened to the update to break my scanner?

I also have a Netbook with "Netbook remixed" on it. Problem is when I add another user, the "default" Ubuntu display is off screen. It is there, but its too big too see the menu bar etc. I checked the screenresolution, and its the same for both users. Switching back to the "remix screen" it fits perfectly. The root user is not affected. Incidently the scanner work perfectly well with the Remix on the netbook. I have not tried to copy the netbook's /etc/sane.d/snapscan.config to my desktop, but will try it if its ok.

Last bit of annoyance. I replaced my desktop monitor with the same monitor, but for some reason I have to use the Monitor's zoom function to make the display fit. Booting in windows the display is small once again. Both Windows and Ubuntu is set at 1024 x 786. Before the monitor swop, I never had the problem. Falling back on 8.04 does the same. The old monitor is dead, so I can't switch back to double check. Any help?