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Thread: octave complains about gnuplot not being installed

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    octave complains about gnuplot not being installed [Solved]

    I get this error when trying the example at:

    octave:1> x = -2:0.1:2;
    octave:2> [xx,yy] = meshgrid(x,x);
    octave:3> z = sin(xx.^2-yy.^2);
    octave:4> mesh(x,x,z);

    error: you must have gnuplot installed to display graphics; if you have gnuplot installed in a non-standard location, see the 'gnuplot_binary' function

    I've done an apt-get remove -purge gnuplot octave followed
    by a subsequent install and still get the same message. Any thoughts? I'm using Jaunty.

    For some reason the reinstall with octave was not installing gnuplot

    I tried apt-get install gnuplot and it went through and THOUGHT it was there, but when I did a which gnuplot it didn't show up.

    I then went through and apt-cache search | grep gnuplot

    and systematically install gnuplot-X11 and python-gnuplot.

    I then did a aptitude reinstall gnuplot and things work ...
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    Re: octave complains about gnuplot not being installed

    sudo aptitude reinstall gnuplot
    also just worked for me while trying to compile octave 3.6.0 on Ubuntu 10.04. It is building now. Strange, as I had just installed it for the first time prior to this.



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