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Thread: 9.04 refuses higher res than 1360x864

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    Exclamation [Solved] 9.04 refuses higher res than 1360x760 - Gone back to 8.04

    Kubuntu 9.04 refuses higher res than 1360x760 (with and without nvidia binary driver), tho 1920x1200 was no problem in 8.04 once the nvidia driver was installed.

    -- Edit 2009-5-16 --
    Thanks for all the help but it looks like 9.04 isn't mature enough to handle the geforce 8800, I tried for 7-8 hours without sucess to get 9.04 to run 1920x1200. Reinstalled kubuntu 8.04 and I got my 1920x1200 desktop back again in matter of minutes.
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