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Thread: dell mini 9 w/ 9.04 recently installed

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    dell mini 9 w/ 9.04 recently installed

    after installing 9.04 from a usbdrive and installing updates. i now have no panels... what should i do? i can right click and options show up but i cannot run anything.

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    Re: dell mini 9 w/ 9.04 recently installed


    I can't help you, but my 9.04 clean installation was flawless.

    I'm curious to hear from the group what might have happened.


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    Re: dell mini 9 w/ 9.04 recently installed

    Did you install the Netbook Remix or the standard desktop Ubuntu (or possibly Xubuntu, or used XFCE+NBR)?

    Was the desktop correct to start with?

    Have you enabled any unusual repositories?

    My panel misbehaves occasionally (see my post elsewhere), but the Gnome panels don't generally disappear.

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    Re: dell mini 9 w/ 9.04 recently installed

    Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to gain access to a text console (your screen will turn black with a prompt in white text, and if not running from the CD you may be asked to login).

    sudo rm -rf ~/.gconf .gconfd .gnome2
    Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 (to return to the graphical interface).

    Restart X by logging out and back in, or typing sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart.

    You're settings are going to be restored to the default ones. This seems to be an issue with the desktop-switcher.

    I built the new settings for ume-config-netbook from bazaar trunk and that did seem to reconcile issues.

    I am using the default GNOME desktop without the bottom panel and the winoow-picker applet. This makes very good use of the real estate on my Dell Vostro A90 and allows me to use Compiz. Compiz and the netbook-launcher are not playing well together at the moment.
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