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Thread: Ubuntu won't load :(

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    Ubuntu won't load :(

    i've recently upgraded to 9.04 worked find
    until yesterday it stuck and now when i try to load it i says

    mounting /dev (or /sys or /proc) faild
    not init found

    and it drops to Busy Box , (initramfs)

    im looked it up alittle and i pretty sure its not the problem i need to wait some more and then enter exit ...
    when i do press exit it says Kernal Panic something something...

    anyideas how to get my Ubuntu working again without reinstalling everything?

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    Re: Ubuntu won't load :(

    kernel sounds pretty bad...your hard drive or memory may be going bad.

    you could perhaps try to run the fsck(it checks your hard drive for errors) program and see if any errors show up.
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