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Thread: Odd Jaunty error on MacBook5,2

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    Odd Jaunty error on MacBook5,2

    So, after I found out that the final release (or the newest/official, :S) came out, I downloaded Jaunty again, hoping that this time it wouldn't wipe my partition tables again.
    So I did, got the apci error thing, so I disabled that and it worked. Installed just fine, was able to run stuff from the Live CD. Then after it finished, I shutdown, not restarted, to boot back up into Jaunty. When I did, it didn't even get pass a black screen, and just showed me this:

    I couldn't select ANYTHING at all. The keyboard wouldn't respond, it just sat there.
    Currently on a MacBook5,2, 2.0GHz, 4GB RAM, 64bit (processor?)
    Just wondering if there's anything I can do to fix this.

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    Re: Odd Jaunty error on MacBook5,2

    This is a big bug. Please follow here:

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    Re: Odd Jaunty error on MacBook5,2

    I guess this means once again to wait till another release of Jaunty?
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