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Thread: your*NIX Ubuntu and Linux Promotion

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    your*NIX Ubuntu and Linux Promotion

    Hi Guys,

    I wanted to let you all know of a new site dedicated to promoting Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Fedora in particular, along with general Unix-based systems.

    The site is called your*NIX. We provide completely free access to hosted (or "virtualized") desktop environments using an on-demand method of execution. Here's how it works...
    - Register at the site
    - Following successful registration, login with your credentials.
    - Navigate to the User Portal page and launc!

    Currently we have Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 16 available with the following default apps:
    - Glade
    - QT4
    - Eclipse
    - Bluefish
    - Lazarus
    - LibreOffice Suite

    - Empathy and Firefox

    Again, this is site dedicated to promoting open source software and Linux distributions. Our intent is to continue adding distributions such as Mandrake and even OpenIndiana (Solaris)

    The site also features a fully open content publishing platform for articles, blogs, tutorials, and anything interesting or productive.

    As we've managed to spend a good deal of money putting this together, we hope Linux and UNIX user will find it useful and productive.

    Please check us out and make yourself at home!

    your*NIX Virtual Desktops =


    Michael Park
    your*NIX - Vert
    Atlanta, GA

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    Re: your*NIX Ubuntu and Linux Promotion

    I've received some questions that I should've initially clarified (my apologies)

    - Why are you doing this?
    Answer: Why not? I am a network engineer by profession and have managed to build a small network of servers and operating systems in my spare time. I love technology and also enjoy sharing.

    - What do you expect to get out of this?
    Answer: Nothing. This is my passion. I would be doing this regardless if I managing a site or not.

    - Who is funding me or funding the project?
    Answer: I've funded this myself, from my own pocket and funds. And, I will continue to do so.

    - Why would someone use this when they could just install Linux and be done with it? True for people willing to dedicate hardware. But I've noticed many PC users who are completely oblivious to Linux, UNIX, and what it means to have a better operating system. I've experienced great difficulty in convincing PC users (windows user in particular) to try Linux regardless of the approach. I figured a good way to introduce Linux to such an audience is by giving them a means to "see for themselves".

    This is a personal project of mine, and not one that is backed by corporate funding or corporate agenda. I simply enjoy using Open Source software, Linux operating systems, and would like to spread this love if at all possible. Also, I'm a foe of the age-old corporate licensing model (I experience this first hand everyday at work).

    This is my method of contributing to the Open Source cause and to play my part in promoting what I feel to be the best technology attainable.

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    Re: your*NIX Ubuntu and Linux Promotion

    Have you discontinued the service?
    Message void if penguin is violated...Don't mess with the penguin.


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