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Thread: NVidia driver broken

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    NVidia driver broken

    My computer motherboard is by Zotac, and has an onboard GeForce 8800. Now, initially, Xorg would turn on and it would work, but at the wrong resolution and without compositing. I then installed nvidia-glx-173, and was able to get compiz working (and the right resolution)--however, there were some issues with a couple of programs, so I tried to update.

    nvidia-glx-177 was unavailable in add/remove (it said that it wasn't compatible with i386?), so I tried downloading 180 from the nvidia website (my graphics card was listed as compatible). I shut off Xorg (including gdm) and installed the 180 driver, ran nvidia-xconfig, and tried to start gdm. The screen turned off an on a few times, and then crashed. I also tried the v180 driver from the repos, and encountered the same problem.

    Now I can't even get it back to where it *worked*. I uninstalled nvidia-glx-180, and did dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-glx-173. I also tried varying combinations of dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and nvidia-xconfig (and also restoring my original xorg.conf file), but it won't even start Xorg now... Any idea what's up?

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    Re: NVidia driver broken

    I would find the nvidia logs to try to figure out who's guilty (nvidia or the X server) and file a bug on launchpad and see what the ubuntu devs say about it. Till then use 8.10. Don't forget to report your arch (x32 or x64).

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    Re: NVidia driver broken

    Nevermind, fixed it. I did something like:

    # nvidia-uninstall
    # dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
    # gdm

    # apt-get uninstall nvidia*
    # apt-get install nvidia-glx-173
    # nvidia-xconfig



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