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Thread: Issues with nautilus (ftp)

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    Issues with nautilus (ftp)

    For the longest time. I've enjoyed using the simple ftp functions of Gnome/Nautilus. To connect to my web host machine. With the 9.04 release, it is not working as I would like or come to expect.

    Now what I am experiencing.
    Every time I log off my users account or reboot. I have to input the host password. I try and set it to save forever. Like I usually do/have done. It is not persistent past a reboot or user logout. It is just not persistent like it used to be. It does work for that session and lets me on the host machine.

    The big crux for me is that the keyring is not functioning as I would expect.

    It pops up asking for the keyring password but does not take it.
    I get this on the keyring dialog.
    /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-ftp is locked.
    I can type the keyring password, but it just pops back up like I got it wrong. As far as I know, I never set a keyring for this or had a chance to.

    How can I make the log on password save 'forever?' Also.. How can I unlock the keyring or make it function like it did for me in past Ubuntu releases? It does function as I would expect on my 8.04 machine.

    Thank you in advance. For any help you can provide or insight you may give.
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