I tried to install the xorg-driver-fglrx driver from synaptic, but when I restart the computer him lock after usplash loads.

Entering on recovery mode, I tried to run 'aticonfig --initial' command and restart again, but the error persists.

So I uninstalled fglrx from apt, downloaded and installed the driver from ATI website using the './ati-* --buildandinstallpkg Ubuntu/jaunty' command. I restarts the computer and when X server starts show a window with glx.so and fglrx.so error and after asks if I want to run Ubuntu with low graphics mode and many others options, and the driver doesn't works again.

What I need to know is if the Ubuntu Jaunty, or Xorg, supports this card and, if yes, how I can install him.

Sorry for my bad English!

Thanks for all.