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Thread: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

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    Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    hello. does anyone know how lucid ubuntu studio is doing? if not im going to post in the lucid lynx forums.

    i want to say, notably to mango42 and H13N.H3N, i believe there is a lot i could do to help you with your problems if you are willing to do the work yourselves, as making suggestions on improvements is not really going to get you anywhere fast.
    youre questions here, however, are incredibly scattered and random. anyone who needs some basic help with audio and such feel free to contact me personally.

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    Cool Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    Hi. My interest in Ubuntu Studio is all about using it for music production. That means low latency, JACK audio, Ardour (or, if it existed, a simpler but equally reliable recording/mixing app). Hardy Heron 8.04 has been good enough in these areas but is getting way out of date (I compile my own Ardour to get a more recent version). All subsequent Ubuntu releases have failed to provide a usable real-time, low-latency capability on my hardware:

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00GHz stepping 02
    Total of 2 processors activated (7980.25 BogoMIPS).
    M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card.
    2 GB RAM.

    So, my priorities would be:

    1. Reliable, fully supported "real-time" low latency configuration with both advice and if possible configuration tools to help users get this working on their hardware. This probably still means a distinct "RT" kernel flavor as in 8.04, but maybe not.

    2. An audio stack configuration based on JACK, because all the key music production applications use JACK as their sound API. ALSA should be configured so that the default ALSA devices route through JACK. Pulse Audio should be configured so that it can either be run as a JACK client or turned off. Nothing should access the sound I/O hardware without using JACK either directly or indirectly. Applications which cannot reliably do this should be deleted, or at least "blacklisted" somehow. It would be nice if there could be a "mode switch tool" to easily switch between this audio stack and a "normal desktop mode" where JACK is not running, since running JACK all the time would be bad for, for instance, power consumption on modern hardware.

    3. More JACK tuning advice is still needed as people still try to run it without tuning and quickly, mistakenly, decide that Linux sound just does not work. A tool that guesses at sane settings based on matching sound hardware against a database might be a big help. I think Pulse Audio is also working on this angle.

    4. Applications for music recording, mixing, editing, mastering, synthesis, composing, and so on. These exist, the problem is deciding which to use and how to combine them.

    I have zero or less interest in eye candy desktop themes or graphics programs beyond standard desktop stuff. At this time I have no plans to do any video production either.

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    How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    Stochastic, MiCK: it was helpful to have "ubuntu-bug ubuntustudio-controls" and be able to post "no Sound" difficulties w/UbuStu 10.04 amd64.

    thanks to all,,, I look forward to having the defaults and Pulse Audio if needed but,, I want to see guidance re: getting UbuStu users through the issues involved; thanks Mango42 for calling for user friendly descriptions which noobs can follow.
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    Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    So any help is needed!



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    Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    I successfully compiled Gentoo, am I in hacker tier yet?

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    Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    Is ubuntu studio having same synaptic package manager as normal ubuntu?
    Why choose ubuntu studio, just because it has many multimedia software preinstalled?

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    Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    Yes it does use the same excellent Synaptic - assuming you're not attempting to access an install from a USB flash drive.

    And yes, UbuntuStudio is Ubuntu with specially chosen apps to assist the newcomer to Linux audio. Without someone making this huge effort, new users wouldn't know what is available and what works best without months of trial and error.

    For those who already know their Jack from their Qtractor from their PureData, the alternatives are laid out comprehensively here, here and here and so many places elsewhere it can get sufficiently confusing for us non-programmers to choose UbuntuStudio with gratitude...

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    Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    Greetings All,

    I'm in the midst of migrating my present recording system from XP to Linux using Ubuntu Studio 10.10.
    My present machine is an XP box running Audacity.

    Since this is strictly for audio recording, I will uninstall the following since they will never be used:

    * F-Spot 0.8.0
    * GIMP 2.6.10
    * Hugin 2010.0.0
    * Inkscape 0.48.0
    * XSane Image 0.997
    * xjadeo 0.4.13

    Hard Drives:

    8GB for System
    20GB for Data

    Soundcard will be a Behringer UCA-202 connected to my output.

    As with my previous system, recording will be done using Audacity. Depending on system performance, I will consider VST plugins later on.
    Life is music...MIX IT...

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    Exclamation Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio


    I'm a Novice to Ubuntu and I want to use Ubuntu to advance my vids for YouTube. Meaning better graphics and ease of transfer of my HD camcorder so I downloaded the .iso for Lucid and converted it. I have been trying to find the executable but nothing and then recently I had to reboot and then Ubuntu Studio popped up on a splash screen and then my theme changed. I also downloaded files for Studio through Synaptic. Anyway I still cannot find Ubuntu Studio exe (I know I'm using a Windows term, I apologize).

    What am I missing?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Talking Re: How To Help Ubuntu Studio

    Re: Wireless problems with Studio Installations.
    I am using a duel boot system configured as follows:
    HP Pavilion dv 1245 ca AMD Turion X2 64 - 64 bit Vista -- Wireless works Perfectly!
    Installed on USB Hard Disk - Ubuntu 10.04 .2 -- Wireless works Perfectly!

    I decided to add the Studio to my Ubuntu following the instructions posted to do the upgrade
    ** in the instructions - aptitude should be changed to apt-get **
    After completing the upgrade -- WIRELESS DOES NOT WORK ??
    I have a suspicion that the 10.04.2 code for wireless detection and operation has somehow been corrupted and is not functioning.
    I also did afresh install of Studio from CD and everything works but the wireless which displays exactly the same dis function as the upgrade installation.
    My next try will be to try the upgrade again without the studio desktop - I'll let you know.
    I hope this will help the developers find a solution to the wireless problems with Studio.
    Good Luck

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