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Thread: dual monitor, laptop

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    dual monitor, laptop

    I'm trying to get an external LCD monitor working to the "right-of" my laptop screen. The LCD currently shows up cloned. I tried the gnome "Monitor Resolution Settings" but it always just shows one screen. So I tried using xrandr on the command line:
    xrandr --output VGA-0 --right-of LVDS
    and this works. So I set up the script I found at When I restart X, at the login screen, VGA-0 is set up "right-of" LVDS. But after logging it, it switches back to cloned. Do I have to disable gnomes "Monitor Resolution Settings" or something?

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    Re: dual monitor, laptop

    Are you able to set it up in Gnome's monitor resolution settings?
    You could also run that command in a script when you log in.
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