so i am installing ubuntu onto a machine that i have just built (P4 2.5gb RAM 3.0 ghz) and i am trying to get it to recognize my video card as well. i have installed the vid card (ATI Radeon x800xl AGP 256m) and gone into the BIOS to change the setting over to agp (because it did not automatically detect it. however, the card is not putting out a correct picture. it looks like the bios screen with a grid of pixilated squares covering the picture. i am able to see enough to change settings but it doesnt change anything and when it goes to boot ubuntu from the cd it cannot display it. About 3/4 of the screen is blinking squares of color and the rest is black. i have heard that setting up a new video card on linux after it has been configured for a different card is a huge hassle and i would like to avoid it if possible. does anybody have any suggestions as to what i should do to get this card to work?