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Thread: strange dmesg output

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    strange dmesg output

    I have a screenlet that outputs dmesg on my desktop every once in a while. Today, after a period of inactivity, I saw my desktop, and found this strange message:

    TCP: Treason uncloaked! Peer shrinks window 477191629:477191634. Repaired.
    repeated some times...Sounds serious, but as everything seems to keep working as it should, Im not taking to much attention on this...Should I??

    (On the other hand, I posted this here cause I found funny the "Treason uncloaked!" part of the message )

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    Re: strange dmesg output

    Since I don't have a copy of the source, this site will do. It originates here:

    PHP Code:
            if (!tp->snd_wnd && !sock_flag(skSOCK_DEAD) &&
    << sk->sk_state) & (TCPF_SYN_SENT TCPF_SYN_RECV))) {
    /* Receiver dastardly shrinks window. Our retransmits
                         * become zero probes, but we should not timeout this
                         * connection. If the socket is an orphan, time it out,
                         * we cannot allow such beasts to hang infinitely.
    What it means, I have no idea...

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