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Thread: Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?

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    Re: Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?

    In the interests of fairness, Ubuntu can't choose the name of the programs. Developers do that.

    Evolution has more than one meaning, and the monkey can be a pun on words.

    I kinda hope this was a bad joke... if not, don't Christian's have somewhat larger issues to deal with.
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    Re: Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?

    I honestly think this person is being a troll. Firstly the mail client's logo comes from the old company that used to manage the project (Ximian). In fact I believe at one point Evolution was even called Ximian. The Novell bought out Ximian and several related projects like Mono (which also has a monkey logo) and kept the logo because it goes with the whole monkey theme. The actual name of the mail client is a coincidence and it wasn't meant to be a pun or suggestion. It was just a really bad coincidence.

    I honestly don't care what a program is named as long as it is nothing excessively crude. I'd use Firefox regardless if they took a vote and decided to rename it "Genocide" and change their motto to "we kill the competition." It doesn't mean that i support the act of genocide.

    The original poster is really looking for something that isn't their. No one is trying to force their views on anyone.

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    Re: Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?

    I have lost several units of faith in humanity by reading this thread.
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    Re: Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?

    The word "evolve" has existed since the 1600s. Science doesn't have a monopoly on the word.

    The name of the application is up to the developers, and that's just the way it is. Similarly, the chosen mascot of the application is up to the developers. Asking them to change either because of your personal beliefs is just silly.

    After all, look at FreeBSD logo:

    it's a demon. Does that mean FreeBSD is a satanic operating system? No!

    Or another example-- Mandriva's logo:

    It's a five-pointed star, which is symbolically descended from the pentagram. But that doesn't make Mandriva a pagan Linux distro.

    Quote Originally Posted by pmooney78 View Post
    If you're really worried that seeing the NAME of a MAIL PROGRAM in a MENU (gasp!) will prevent you from effectively brainwashing your children, you can uninstall Evolution and install something else.
    Actually, GNOME breaks if you remove Evolution, I've done it before. (And yes, I agree that it's a really dumb dependency, they should move all those components to a seperate library and have both Evolution and GNOME depend on that.)
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    Re: Why is there a program called Evolution in CE?

    This thread has run its course, the OP's question has been answered, and is now degrading into a religious debate. I will close it now.

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