Hello Nevada,

I live in SW Vegas, few minutes from the strip. I would like to be involved in a Nevada Team. Being completely honest, I would have a hard time traveling to Reno, etc. for meetings.

But lets be realistic, having a Vegas Team would be a great thing, think how many Ubuntu geeks will be in Vegas for a conference or just visiting at some point throughout the year.

Obviously it may not start big, so lets see how many souls we realistically have, it seems like for 18 months, I've seen maybe 5 regulars in here.

I myself just looked this morning at a Ubuntu Nevada Team, and lo and behold it's here!

I will also post an ad on Craigslist, all the "cool geeks" check there a couple of times per week.

As for me, I'm in my twenties, going to school for a Masters, and trying desperately to make the switch and root myself in opensource, lets see if this helps...