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Thread: Blacklisted graphics card?

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    Blacklisted graphics card?

    I ran Compiz because I was having problems with visual effects. Is there anyway to fix this issue?

    Gathering information about your system...

    Distribution: Ubuntu 8.10
    Desktop environment: GNOME
    Graphics chip: ATI Technologies Inc M24 1P [Radeon Mobility X600]
    Driver in use: fglrx
    Rendering method: AIGLX

    Checking if it's possible to run Compiz on your system...

    Checking for texture_from_pixmap... [ OK ]
    Checking for non power of two support... [ OK ]
    Checking for composite extension... [ OK ]
    Checking for FBConfig... [ OK ]
    Checking for hardware/setup problems... [WARN]

    Something potential problematic has been detected with your setup:
    Warning: PCI ID 1002:3150 detected.

    Would you like to know more? (Y/n) y

    Your particular graphics chip may be blacklisted on certain distributions.
    However that does not necessarily mean you will not be able to run Compiz.

    You can skip this blacklist -- but keep in mind that you did so.
    Do not complain if you encounter any problems with Compiz afterwards.



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    Question Re: Blacklisted graphics card?

    The same thing has happened to me, and I do not fully understand the implications.

    I found the source code for the script which runs the check, but it tells me little.

    the source code for the script
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