Please don't let Ardour die.

From the main page:

"""""SAE announced today that they will no longer sponsor the development of Ardour. This puts me (Paul, Ardour’s lead developer) in the position of being paid solely by the donations and subscriptions made by the Ardour community. This is obviously insufficient to support myself, let alone my family, so I am obviously looking for other opportunities to earn a living. Although I intend to try to improve the revenue that Ardour itself generates, this is unlikely to be sufficient for some time to come. I am therefore in a position to serve as consultant/contractor on other projects, and will be happy to handle inquiries about this via email ( I intend to continue doing some work on Ardour to provide support and continuing incentives to those who are already paying for that via donations & subscriptions."""""

It is truly sad to see projects like this lose steam. Especially one so helpful as this.

If anyone can help find support the help would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,
Sean Burns

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