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Thread: PlayBack Problem, wrong color!

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    PlayBack Problem, wrong color!

    Hi, i have a 3 frontend/1 Backend System with 2 diskless client and 1 Frontend/backend machine.

    When i use LiveTv or watch a recording, i see the video with wrong color, instead when i watch a Video with MythVideo (using Mplayer) the color are ok.

    In fact, when i open the recorded file with Mplayer they play alright while if i open them with totem the play with wrong color.

    I assume mythtv uses gstreamer for the playback and i assume i downloaded wrong codecs. But i don't figure out wich ones.

    I the 2 diskless client livetv and playback recording workk fine. Even with the same playback tipe ("CPU +")

    Can u help me please?

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    Re: PlayBack Problem, wrong color!

    What video card / driver combo are you using on the affected front-ends?

    Is this your problem?

    You can also try disabling the xv picture controls in the settings menu.


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