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Thread: Adding Dictionaries to StarDict

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    Adding Dictionaries to StarDict

    After a lot of fooling around I finally got starDict to see additional dictionaries. I found it not to be intuitive, so I am doing this quick writeup.

    First thing I did was change the net dictionary preferences:

    1. I use a local one but you may prefer to just disable this under:
    - Goto preferences dialog in stardict (lower left most button on window)
    - Network -> Net Dict
    - unMark the enable network dictionaries option

    2. Download the dictionaries of your choice from:

    Just click on each link above until you find the dictionaries you need. The RPM versions I've found to be easiest to deal with once converted to deb packages (below).

    3a. If you downloaded RPM packages then run the following command from the terminal in the directory were you downloaded them:
    alien -d *.rpm
    3b. If you downloaded the archives then:
    - extract the files, easiest is with file roller
    right click -> extract (a directory is created with the archive name)

    4. You need to then move the directories that will contain 3 files to
    for example from the terminal
    sudo mv dictDirectory/ /usr/share/stardict/dic/
    5. Once you've done adding all the directories, open stardict and goto:
    - Manage Dictionaries (next to preferences on the bottom left)
    - Manage Dictionaries -> Manage Dict
    - You will want to reorder the order that definitions are displayed here for Query Dict and Scan Dict. This will control definition search order.

    Hope this helps someone.

    - George
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