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Thread: Nvidia 8400M GS HDMI out blur/distorted

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    Nvidia 8400M GS HDMI out blur/distorted

    I have a HP dv6500t laptop with a Nvidia 8400M GS video card. It has an HDMI out. When I use the HDMI out with a 720p HDTV (running at the TV's native resolution) the picture is distorted. the best way i can describe it is that some rows of pixles are off.

    When I plug the computer into the TV it looks perfect. Same goes with other computers. and this computer with an HDMI to DVI cable pluged into a DVI monitor.

    After much googling this was all I was able to find that seemed relevant to the problem I tryed it but it did not seem to help, I saw no difference. I don't even know if I did it correctly.

    Help please? I would really like to get my HDMI out working!

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    Re: Nvidia 8400M GS HDMI out blur/distorted

    did you set the right settings?

    uhh, just looked at that link. methinks you're doomed.


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