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Thread: Wireless-Drivers installed-no connection

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    [Solved}Wireless-Drivers installed-no connection


    First post after reading through all the threads covering this issue but even a Google search does not produce the results. Installed Unbuntu 10.04 on an Acer Notebook Aspire4720Z. Installed the drivers for the Broadcom, the device locates the wireless router, requests the password but does not make the connection. keeps requesting the password. Booted back to Windows no problem. Installed an Asus USB N-13 (Wireless), installed the drivers using recommended procedure found in this forum, worked perfectly. The wireless network is detected, requests a password but does not connect.

    Rebooted back to Windows no problem again, checked the Wireless Router settings, cannot find any problem.

    Appreciate any suggestions.


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    [Solved] Re: Wireless-Drivers installed-no connection

    Problem solved by uninstalling all wireless drivers including windows drivers (using wrapper) reboot and re-installing the Broadcom STA driver only.


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