> > I will be waiting for awhile...
> > Except if somebody has got a workaround?

> Use the nv driver.

Someone has a high performance, high feature, sports car for which a new kind of tire isn't yet compatible, and he's told to downgrade to a Yugo because it is compatible with that tire, rather than told that the new tire is just for testing, isn't of all that much importance, and that, yes, he should just relax and wait for his sports car to be prepared for it.

Licensing zealotry aside, nv is a toy whose sole value can be found in acting as a backup for when a real driver cannot be made available. And nouveau is not much, if any, better. Certainly not at this stage of development, nor any time soon.

Would we all like fully functional Open Source drivers? Yes, of course. But we *need* fully functional drivers. Who is going to explain to the newbie when suspend/resume stops working? Or the eye candy? Or any of the myriad other things not supported except by the real driver? He is prepared to wait, so lets not downgrade his experience.