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Thread: video/x-gst-fourcc m2v1 decoder Can't Find It.

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    video/x-gst-fourcc m2v1 decoder Can't Find It.

    I've been editing a video that was foolishly captured into imovie.

    I've been editing with blender fine, but everyone at the office seems to only want to use the mac to do everything and now the HD is crowded. So I think is a great opportunity to just copy everything onto my laptop anyway, finish this stuff at home on linux, joy!!!

    Now I'm getting an error that leads a plugin search for video/x-gst-fourcc m2v1 decoder, totem always fails to find it, and can't even get any google results. At face value, they seem to be regular .mov files, but I'm actually having all kinds of video problems with codec starting with video/x

    I can't seriously be the only person on planet Earth having this problem. Can anyone shine a light on this? Thnx!

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    Re: video/x-gst-fourcc m2v1 decoder Can't Find It.

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